South Korea has gone from extreme poverty to tremendous progress in the last sixty years. It bears all the hallmark signs of a successful transition to democracy, wealth and development and a testament to this is the Samsung android in your pocket, the Hyundai parked in your driveway, or the Kpop song that appears on your playlist. Its last president was even sacked for being involved in a corruption scandal–power to the people!

While its model of rapid economic development and technological progress is often held as an example to other developing nations (Google: Miracle on the Han River) much of the country still holds on to past traditions and retains that old world charm.

In Hello! Waygook! A Cultural Guide to Life in South Korea five expats, or, waygooks (foreigner in Korean), from Guatemala all the way to New Zealand, share their personal experiences living, studying, working and dating in the Land of Morning Calm.